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Description : This sensor is useful to measure vibrations and motion. These sensors offer high sensitivity non-directional vibration and motion detection. Inside is a very soft spring coiled around a long metal pin. When the switch is moved, the spring touches the center pole to make contact. The sensor has an onboard potentiometer which can be used set the desired vibration threshold as per individual application, when the vibration detected by the module cross the set threshold, the output pin goes high. When the vibration detected by the module is below the set threshold, the output goes low.

This module works on 5V and can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers. Comes with a simple to use and interface digital output. It comes with a mounting hole, which can be used to mount the sensor onto a fixed platform.

This module is great to detect motion, vibration, sense machine health and service condition(by sensing the vibrations)

Weight: 9 g/pc

Packing details: 1 pc

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